The Marathon (a Boston qualifier) and half marathon courses can be described as 'relatively flat and fast with gentle rollers" with no more than a 25 foot incline in a few various locations (marathon: miles 8-12 has the most rollers).  Both courses will travel through the state forest with the marathon spending the first half through the forest.

FULL & HALF MARATHON MAP (Time limit below)

DCR Manuel Correllus State Forest occupies over 5,343 acres in the center of Martha's Vineyard. It was created in 1908 as the "Heath Hen Reserve," in an attempt to prevent the bird's extinction. Sadly, the last heath hen was seen in 1932. Today it is managed for passive recreation, mostly hiking and cycling on its 14 miles of bike paths. It is also the focus of one of the largest environmental restoration projects in the country. As part of a cooperative effort, the State Forest is now working to bring back the site's native ecosystem.

half marathon

USATF Cert#:  MA16028JK

Course limit: 6 hours

The Half Marathon starts at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School and runs the first 2 miles with the marathon and a total of 3 miles through the middle of DCR Manuel Correllus State Forestt and pass the airport.  Then left on Edgartown road on the paved bike path for 5 miles.  Then left again, along Beach Road over the famous "JAWS" bridge with a finish in WABAN Park in Oak Bluffs.


13 aid stations will be provided along the course placed approximately 1.5 - 2 miles apart.  All aid stations will be staffed and have water.  TriFuel will be provided at most water stations and filtered water is provided at all stations.  Each aid station will be equipped with a first aid kit and Medics will be at miles 6(marathon), 5(Half) / 13(marathon) and 9(half) / 21(marathon). 


Medical and EMT's will be positioned at the 13 mile mark of the marathon and mile 6 of the half marathon.  

Portable Toilets along the course will be located at miles 6(marathon), 5(Half) / 13(marathon) and 9(half) / 21(marathon), the start and the finish. 


USATF Cert#:  MA16027JK

Course limit:  7 hours

The Marathon starts at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School and runs the first 13 miles through DCR Manuel Correllus State Forest then right down through Edgartown on Meeting House Way to Atlantic Drive.  Then left up Katama Rd through the quaint town of Edgartown with a finish on Beach Rd, over the famous "JAWS" bridge with a finish in WABAN PARK in Oak Bluffs.

PACE team:

BEAST PACING will provide pacers for the full and the half marathon.  In addition..  Pacers and Pace bands will range in 2:50 - 4:30 marathon times and 1:40 - 2:30 for half marathon times.  Pace bands will be provided at the expo.


Please note:  Pacers are subject to change and availability.

From the colonial feel of Edgartown... the quaint cottages of Oak Bluffs